2005 Highlights

2005 was another great season of "CHUMP CHANGE" hunting memories in the field. This year I had the pleasure of hunting with two different "CHUMP CHANGE" pup owners and their dogs. Mitch Legault and "Brewer" of Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, and John Wilson and "Pete" from the great state of New Mexico. Both men and dogs came to hunt with Jiggs and I in the Wisconsin coverts and marshes. The same coverts that have made the name "CHUMP CHANGE" the standard bearer in Wisconsin, for the truly versatile hunters choice in german wirehaired pointers.

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Mitch Legault and Brewer get the retrieve of the year at Ft. Duck. Brewer dove 5 times completely under water, until he final caught this cripple Bufflehead!! Unbelievable!! Mitch and Brewer with the first 2 woodcock they ever got.
Jon Wilson from New Mexico with his 7 month old pup "Chump Changes Pistol Pete" and their first wild bird, a woodcock. The smile says it all!! Jiggs intently scans the sky for incoming ducks. There is no time for snoozing in the blind!!
Jiggs and I are all set up for some cold November duck hunting. One of last mallards of the year comes to hand on a cold November day.
Blowing wind, snow and cold, ducks flying, a good dog and gun, equals the last day of the season limit of mallards!! Wirehairs do it all!! Jim Esslinger and some of the Muddy Waters Retriever Club boys treated me to a field goose hunt! It was pretty cool. Thanks guys!!
There are those who will tell you, hunting is what they are all about. Don't believe'em. Jiggs retrieves a woodcock to Ron.
Ron and Jiggs pose with a limit of woodcock. A woodcock is pointed.

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