2007 Highlights

This year “Chump Change” continued to show the versatility of the German wirehaired pointer, as we took up field hunting for ducks and geese.  Our German wirehaired pointers never missed a beat in the layout blinds retrieving.  These dogs proved why “Chump Change” sets the bar for versatility in German wirehaired pointers and real world hunting for wild birds in Wisconsin, and beyond…………….  At “Chump Change” hunting is not what we are all about, it is what really we do!

Jiggs retrieved this goose while members of the hunting party discuss what just happened.

“Sammy” a German wirehaired pointer owned by Eric Butzlaff, gets it done in the morning mist on a big honker.

The view of a foggy morning’s goose set up from my layout blind.

My uncle Gary proudly poses with his hunting poodle Beau and Beau’s first ever live cripple goose.
My uncle Gary in full hunting gear poses with his other hunting poodle Scout and a big honker. My uncle Gary & Beau with a couple of field mallards.
My friend Charlie and I at the end of a “two thumbs” up hunt. This was a good morning mixed bag shoot.
Frank and Mitch pose with the dogs after another decent hunt. Jiggs and I, Mitch and Brewer, pose with a limit of woodcock.
Jiggs and I ambushed this North Dakota rooster.  Nice point Jiggs!! My friend Mark and I, and Jiggs, with a nice bunch of good eating North Dakota pheasant.
Caleb retrieves a goose to my brother Tom. It is a good thing to have long arms. This goose was retrieved nicely to hand after falling stone dead from the sky a long ways away.
Eric and I pose with a nice bunch of late season mallards. Here is my new pup “Chump Changes Black Diamond” (a.k.a. Repo) He was repossessed from a dim wit in Michigan and now has the chance to fulfill his hunting dog potential.
Here Repo makes his first ever real hunting retrieve at only 4 months of age on a cottontail rabbit.  Now I guess he is ruined!! Repo and I pose with the results of his first ever hunt.  Repo retrieved two of those bunnies.

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