"Chump Changes Nothin To Lose" a.k.a. Jiggs

Jiggs is my new pup. Jiggs was run in a NAVHDA natural ability test by my friend Bill Schumacher. Jiggs earned a 108 prize II. Jiggs is 2 passes for 2 attempts toward his UKC started hunting retriever title. Jiggs started out as a small pup, but my confidence in him as a gundog has grown by leaps and bounds. He has developed into a hard charging and bold dog in the uplands. Jiggs is a natural "duck dog". As the following photos show he is well on his way to being a fine hunting partner. All pictures of Jiggs on this page were taken before he was 16 months of age.

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Jiggs at 9 weeks of age wrestles with drake wood duck. Jiggs first limit of woodcock. He is quite the little pointer.
Jiggs showing his pointing form and warming up for hunting season. Jiggs first ever real hunt was a jump shooting adventure. Jiggs was called upon to make a triple retrieve. What a 5 minutes that was!
Jiggs with a woodcock. You know dogs won't retrieve those things.......
Jiggs retrieves a hen ring-necked duck. A chip off the old block!!!
Jiggs retrieves another big goose for me. Good job Jiggs!!
You bet Jiggs hunts bunnies!
Jiggs gets a good morning of retrieving at Fort Duck. Jiggs retrieves his 1st canada goose, and it is a biggie!
Jiggs retrieves the only pen raised bird on this
whole site to hand. It was just too nice a Picture.

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