Odds and Ends

Some photos of my friend Mark, the Captain of the USS Walleye, and I with some dandy walleyes.

Click on the photo for a larger view

Click on the photo for a larger view

Big Eddy in the back of the truck. Just look at the room he takes up!!

Here is Big Eddy. A 10 point buck I shot in 2004. He was one dandy buck. Thanks Bill!!
Here is my 30/30 and the buck I shot in 2005 Bill and his youngest son Matt pose with a nice buck I drove to him, the plan worked

Here is a dandy 8 pointer that Bill took in 2005

My bonus tag deer for 2005

My friend Mor, the white bass fishing king!!

I took this albacore tuna fishing out of San Diego in July 2005. Man do they fight!!

There is boat load of tuna!!

My dad and Mark on Lake Erie 2005.

My dad poses with 2 nice Lake Erie walleyes.

Mark with a dandy 6+ pound walleye.

And another big walleye!!

My first turkey, spring 2005.

And every now and then you get a sheephead.......rats!!

Here is a brute of walleye.

Mark captains and controls the boat's course and speed. Presentation is critical. The first and only salmon I have ever caught.? A 20 pounder!!
My friend Eric trapped this coyote with a #3 leg hold trap.
Max and I were volunteers at a local nursing home. The residents loved it as Max and I hammed it up for laughs!

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