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This page is dedicated to the pups of the "CHUMP CHANGE" German Wirehaired Pointer  Bloodline. 
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Max's highest NAVHDA utility score was a 198 prize II.
Oct. 22, 1992 - Jan.13, 2007
Caleb Jiggs

HRCH "CHUMP CHANGES PRODIGY CALEB" MH with a snowshoe hair. NAVHDA NA  prize III 86 pts. NAVHDA utility prize I 204 pts, AKC Master Hunter, UKC/HRC Hunting Retriever Champion. Caleb is the only dog ever to be a UKC HRCH and a AKC MH. Owned and trained by Tom Carey

HR "CHUMP CHANGES NOTHIN TO LOSE" starting to practice early! NAVHDA natural ability prize II 108 pts. A Prize 1 NAVHDA Utility Dog, a UKC/HRC Hunting Retriever.
Rack Duke
Little "Rack" pointing the wing on a string before he went to his new owner Gary Meinke in Colorado. "I'm really pleased with him and think he is going to be an exceptional bird dog." Gary Meinke via email. Duke pointing a wing at 7 weeks of age. Owned by Steve Johnson of Wausau Wisconsin. Duke has developed into one heck of gundog proving himself in the Wisconsin woodlots, duckblinds, and the Dakota prairies.
"CHUMP CHANGES CROOKED HALO"  112 pt prize 1 NA dog.  "Brewer started off surprising me, ended up amazing me. He does something special, every time out." say Mitch Legault of his "Chump Change" pup. Brewer's site Jerry Rosenkrans drove all the way from Missouri for his little Chump Change pup.
Hunter Pete
Cy Larsen of Manitoba, his Chump Change pup "Hunter" and his nephew pose with the results of 2006 field goose hunt. The pup "Hunter" was only 7 months old when he retrieved these geese. John Wilson came all the way from New Mexico to get his pup Pete in the spring of 2005
Gus Max
Jon Longfellow and his 8 month old pup Gus,
getting it done on the North Dakota pheasants.
Nice hat Jon!!
John Murphy of Woburn Mass. did the right thing and got his "Chump Change" pup Max on the training table early on in the pup's life.
Boone Max
Ten month old "Boone" owned and trained by Joe Pigeon of Newberry Michigan was photographed by his owner as he retrieved his first ever canadian goose. Good show Boone!!! And because of John's early training dedication, John reaps the rewards. Max helps put a wiley ruffed grouse in the game bag in his first year of hunting.

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