In the uplands the german wirehaired pointer is brush buster. Wirehairs make for exciting hunting with the hard charging attitude that most exhibit. Instead of going around the brush, most german wirehairs go right through it. The german wirehaired pointer as a meat dog is hard to beat in the uplands. My dogs have proven their versatility in the real hunting environment. No matter the game, the german wirehaired pointer will hunt it.

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My friend Tim and Steve with a mixed bag of ruffed grouse and a snowshoe hare shot over Max. My friend Ron and his son Matt pose with a Horicon Marsh goose.

Myself and Ron along with Max ran into a snowshoe bonanza along with 3 ruffed grouse.
Steve and Duke with their first Dakota sharptail. Good job!
My uncle Gary moves in as Max has pinned and points a rooster.
You think maybe there is bird there?
My uncle Gary a retired Wisconsin DNR warden, with some S. Dakota

Lee Joswick's dog Zann honors while Max points a ruffed grouse. We missed the bird or it would have been perfect!! Zann is another pup out
of Max.

Myself and Max with a limit of woodcock.
My co-worker Lee and 4 Christmas Eve ruffed grouse. Lee now has one of Max's pups.
My friend Eric poses with a gray squirrel Max retrieved. Eric shot the squirrel while we were on a float trip duck hunting. Max and myself mug for the camera with a couple of South Dakota
Duke retrieves a Dakota rooster to Steve. Ron moves in as Max nails a grouse in the pines.
Steve and Duke with their 2 roosters and 2 sharptails. When your hot, your hot! Duke comes to the rescue and finds this sharptail that had been given up for lost. What natural ability!

Max and I bagged these 3 roosters in 27 minutes during a South Dakota snowstorm. If I could shoot, that days hunt would have been over in 19 minutes, but I missed the third bird he pointed. I made sure I got the
4th one pointed!
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